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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


We  have now finished the third module of this course and the results could not have been more successful.
The purpose of the course is to help learners overcome some fossilized grammatical mistakes and/or raise awareness of some special cases that sometimes occur in even well-known structures.

Some sessions start with an activity based on a Use of English task and others go straight into understanding the structure and use of the Grammatical structure and then developing activities to put this knowledge into practice. The activities are not only sentences in a worksheet but also situations where students need to use what they have revised.

For instance, in the case of Reported Speech, students pretend they are at a party, they are given slips with some statements they need to say while mingling with the other guests while listening to some party music and then they have to report what they heard in the party.

To practise verbs and adjectives followed by prepositions we  use a game where students form groups and a member of the opposite group has to pick up cards with sentences where the preposition is missing. If they provide the right preposition,the score a point and can make their teams win.

Many people think learning Grammar is boring but in CTS we tried to make it useful and enjoyable and since the group was really small, we managed to make it really customized for participants´particular problems.

It feels good to hear from the participants that the course was good and useful and that they wanted more.

See you in the next course!!

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