Giving is Caring

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The value of time, the success of perseverance, the worth of character, the power of kindness, the influence of example, and the obligation of duty.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Last Saturday´s Facebook event was-once again- a success, not only because of the audience but mostly because of the quality of the audience. The topic of this presentation was thinking skills and it was really good to see so many teachers participating, expressing opinions and trying to make the most of their time in the sessions.
It felt as if we were among a group of friends exchanging ideas about what we think we should do to improve the quality of thinking in both our students and our fellow colleagues.
Once again, we have to thank NUTESA for hosting the event and providing the cozy atmosphere, the break and some of the presents for the raffle.
All these factors made me leave the event with a warm feeling in my heart. Our teachers are keen on working on their professional development and they do believe in lifelong training.
In CTS we feel obliged to continue working hard to reach the hard standards Peruvian education should reach and so we will. 
Thank you teachers!!!!

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