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Friday, 5 December 2014

TKT YL Certificates


Teaching children although extremely rewarding is not an easy task. Teaching young learners is different from teaching adults because young learners are still developing physically and emotionally, their reasons for learning English are different from those of adults or they may have no reason at all. Unlike adults, young learners do not have well-developed literacy skills to support their learning and many times they learn slowly but forget very quickly.
This is the reason why Customized Training Services feel really proud of having prepared the first 12 teachers who are receiving their TKT YL in Peru  on Saturday 6th,  2014.
TKT YL is a specialist module of the Cambridge English Teaching KnowledgeTest (TKT) that focuses on young learners, especially if they age from 6-12 . This certificate helps teachers increase their confidence in teaching children and progress in their teaching career since it aims at helping early-year teachers who teach English to children, primary language teachers who teach English to 6-12 year olds and secondary teachers who also teach primary students.
Teachers who have taken our Preparation Course at CTS have had sessions on Children learning and development, Planning lessons, Teaching Strategies and Classroom-based evaluations, the components of the TKT exam and have enriched each other by sharing their experiences in the classroom tasks and demo lessons.
Our teachers worked hard to cope with the lesson tasks and the assignments and mock tests, all that while juggling with their work and family life. This is why we, in CTS, are so proud of them and have organized a special ceremony for their relatives to praise their effort when they receive their Certificates and to thank them for having trusted us to prepare them for the TKT YL exam.
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