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Sunday, 21 April 2013

April 22 is Earth Day, I hope you can find some of the suggestions I chose and shared here useful to raise your student´s awareness of this celebration and, most important, take action and make changes at home, at school and in the community to help preserve our natural resources.
My first contribution is a reading text taken from the page: 
You can find worksheets, lesson plans and some other help about almost any topic and at different levels. Below you will read the teacher guide to Earth Day for introducing the topic and allow students to do further research or to follow it with specific actions on how to deal with the problems mentioned.

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22. The first Earth Day celebration was in 1970, and was organized by the United States Senator from Wisconsin named Gaylord Nelson to bring political attention to all Americans about how the earth was being neglected by trash and waste of water, electricity and natural resources, like gas. He noticed that there was a lot of pollution and waste in the United States, and believed that if enough people wanted to change the bad habits of turning the Earth into a garbage pile and making all the water dirty, then they could do it one person at a time. Now Earth Day is celebrated all over the world by many countries.

My next contribution to your class is a reading page on Global Warming and the Green house effect  that you can use to focus on specific problems and to initiate research on these issues by preparing your own questions on the text or, even better, asking students to prepare the questions. This page and some other sample pages can be downloaded from the same link above.

 You can send e-cards or ask students to make their own. This is an example of an e-card with a wonderful poem that you can send to your students or use in class for group discussion. You can  find the card in the link below.

An additional advantage of this page is that :
Sending a free Care2 ecard helps important organizations because Care2 members earn butterfly credits when they send free Care2 ecards. Credits can be redeemed for meaningful gifts like safe drinking water,carbon offsets, or help for shelter pets through amazing organizations.
Members earn the credits and they choose the gifts. Now it's easier than ever to make a difference.
Care2 connects you with over 350 nonprofits, elected officials, and millions of members so that you can take action and make your voice heard.

Last  but not least there is the song Heal the World from Michael Jackson but I found a version with slides that are not from the original video but that really motivate students to see how easy it is to make a change in the world. Warning: Watch the video first since some of the pictures could be really moving and may affect very sensitive people, so you need to decide if it is suitable for your class or not.

  Heal the World (link to video)

Remember : You can make a difference every day.

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