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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Induction: The Best form of Professional Development


The article starts mentioning that to redesign professional mentoring is not enough to have mentors but to have effective induction processes.

The main message of the article is that new teachers need more than just mentors who they try to reach whenever trouble arises and that institutions need to create a culture of professional growth and lifelong learning before beginning teachers ever see their first class.


Some of the characteristics of effective induction programmes are:

  • They should help new teachers establish effective classroom management procedures, routines and instructional practices.
  • They should promote unity and teamwork.
  • They should train and support new teachers engaging them in the fulfillment of the institution´s mission.
  • They should start with 4 or 5 days of workshops before school begins.
  • They should integrate a mentoring component and some kind of framework for modeling effective teaching.
  • They should provide opportunities for inductees to visit demonstration classrooms
Demonstration classrooms: Experienced teachers set up their rooms to model the first day of school in an effective classroom. Afterwards, observers discuss the strategies that new teachers found useful.
  • They could provide  a SPA Day.
A SPA (Special Professional Assistance)Day is for mentees to spend a day with a mentor observing each other and then having lunch together to exchange ideas on what they have observed.

  • There could be monthly support meetings and Curriculum facilitators
Curriculum facilitators: teachers to whom mentors and teachers can go to and who provide support, teach demonstration lessons, conduct informal teacher observation and offer sugestions for improvement.

According to Mr. Wong, what is needed is a sustained training programme to keep new teachers, nurture them and take them step-by-step through the year and beyond.

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